Neds Bookmaker Review

It has been just over a year since we examined online bookmaker Neds, which is roughly equivalent to two decades in bookmaker years. Join Neds Today

Australian punters know that the online bookmakers have undergone some not insignificant changes as the result of the Australian Government taking measures to mollify gambling critics and even some punters who felt that online bookmakers were engaging in deceptive marketing practices, particularly in the area of sign-up bonuses.

Neds Bookmaker

We always found it rather easy to discern that sign-up bonuses were unavailable to most of the population of the country. We also found it easy to see that even for those who lived in areas where the bonuses were permissible, the terms and conditions attached to those bonuses made us of the mind that it simply was not worth the bother.

We are not opposed to punting and we do think that doing it online is one of the better purposes of computers and internet connections, so here is what we see when we type into our browser’s address bar.

Neds Website

The familiar orange landing page is still present, but the old static picture of Thoroughbreds has been replaced by video clips of horses, greyhounds, soccer, basketball and tennis.

Any who have read our reviews in the past know we consider this sort of thing a distraction. The one useful piece of information dealt with Neds’ “Punters Toolbox,” a suite of features we view favourably.

The top right of the landing page has buttons to Log In or Join Now, while there are five simple vertical tabs on the left side to access Racing, Sports, Live Betting, Promotions and How To (FAQs).

We were happy to get inside the site by clicking Racing, where we found the traditional Neds colour scheme of orange, grey and white.

The layout is the traditional three-column layout, which works for us. It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. The left column permitted us to select Racing, Sports, Promotions, etcetera.

Since we were on the racing page the day prior to major autumn racing at Rosehill, we took the opportunity to compare the odds at Neds to those of Ladbrokes and Sportsbet.

Winx was set to run the George Ryder, but we long ago stopped looking for ways to make money from her. Many of the bookies now offer markets for a Winx race for the other runners, so they must be of similar mind.

Instead, we took the Golden Slipper Stakes. Join Neds Today

Neds had Cosmic Force as the favourite at $4.60. Ladbrokes had the identical price, while Sportsbet was at $4.50.

Jumping over to Sports, we examined the three in terms of the opening fixture of the 2023 AFL competition.

Somewhat arbitrarily, we picked the Geelong versus Collingwood fixture, as it was the tightest. Neds had it $1.57 Pies, $2.36 Cats with a 10.5-point spread and 224 markets. Ladbrokes was identical, except for one fewer market. Sportsbet had the same $1.57 for Collingwood, but Geelong was just $2.30, with an 8.5-point line and 278 markets.

Our conclusion was that for the racing, we would take either Neds or Ladbrokes, but for the footy, we leaned in the direction of Sportsbet for the line. As for the number of markets, we did not have the energy or the inclination to look at that many from any of the three.

Our conclusion for the Neds website is that it is mainly similar to when we last reviewed Neds and we still like it. Of the three bookmakers, Neds, Ladbrokes and Sportsbet, our order of preference would be Neds – 1, Sportsbet – 1A and Ladbrokes – 2.

Neds Tool Box

Neds Fast Mobile App

Neds has mobile apps for Android and Apple.

Our issue is that our smart phone is an Android model, so we can only get the mobile app from the Neds website, since the Google Play store is protecting our morals by not offering gambling apps. We may someday join the elite and get an iPhone, provided we look up and see pigs flying above us.

We are sure both apps are quite functional. Bookmakers have had them almost from Day One and have had over a decade to polish them.

We did use our Android smart phone to look at the Neds mobile website, using a Chrome browser.

We found the mobile site very similar to the desktop, it just required a bit more scrolling. The site adapted to our screen size. It would be perfect for a quick bet on the go, although for configuring a complex multi bet, our dual large-format monitors would be our preference.

Live Betting

Neds has it. The government still insists that you phone in your bets. At least you do not have to send a telegram, write a letter or send a message in a bottle.


These change all the time, but Neds has a nice feature called the Punter’s Toolbox.

There Are Four “Tools”

Fluc Up - This racing tool permits punters to place a fixed win bet and then get increased odds for eligible races within five minutes in the pending bets section of the bet slip. It is a simple three-step process to use the Fluc Up tool.

Back Up - For picking a second runner in a race, so if your first pick does not win, but your second does, you are paid for a win at the second runner’s price.

Jump Off - Tool number three, gives you a chance to cancel your bet for a brief period of time after the race has started. For example, you could have backed Chautauqua, and when he stood in the barrier, you could have jumped off and had your stake returned.

Price Boost - Allows punters to increase their potential win by boosting their odds on a selected runner.

Banking Deposits

Neds has enough, not too few, not many, but enough. They take Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, POLi and BPay.

They also offer a Neds Card on request. The Neds Card automatically loads winnings onto the card, which provides access to PayWave EFTPOS and ATM withdrawals.

The nice feature of the Neds Card is that the funds take only seconds to become available after the withdrawal process is performed.


We like Neds and have since they arrived on the scene in late 2017. There are plenty of interesting features on the website beyond simply placing bets. Neds is an approved betting operator of the AFL, NRL, Rugby, Tennis and Cricket Australia and the PGA.

Neds is licensed by the Northern Territory and is managed by Dean Shannon, a long-time operator in the online wagering sphere with a respectable reputation and understanding of the wagering market.

Neds is suitable for newcomers and experienced alike. They have 24/7 – 7 day support via phone and email.

Neds is a valid, reputable, full-featured online wagering portal and is competitive with any of the other online bookmakers in every regard. Join Neds Today