True, another homegrown vendor was lost when Ladbrokes purchased, but the outcome was not completely negative. In fact, clients probably gained more than they lost and Ladbrokes was able to quickly gain access to clients without going through an excessively complicated license application process. Join Here

Ladbrokes has continued to operate as a separate entity, along with providing a quality wagering experience that is competitive in terms of both quality and reliability, something that is not always the case when consolidation removes players from the field.

As a strictly online agency, has done an effective job at using the World Wide Web to attract and hold on to customers with a website wagering experience that makes it fast and simple to find a market and place a wager. The website has a clean and efficient look to it, not completely dissimilar to many of the other online bookies, so the choice of a bookmaker essentially comes down to shopping for value and taking best advantage of the offers and promotions that the bookmakers use to gain an edge against their competitors -

Based in Brisbane as opposed to Northern Territory operations that account for the licenses of many online bookmakers, conforms to regulations imposed by the state of Queensland, which could have some bearing for punters based on their state of residence - Free Bets No Longer Available.

Bookmaker.Com.Au Explained

The brief examination of the supplied here will look at some of the services provided, along with the promotions and deals offered in the never-ending quest to attract and retain client.

Much of the specifics regarding details such as odds, margin and other criteria will of course be identical to those in place at Ladbrokes, so some of our observations will be mainly based on our observations of the wagering platform, its ease of use and speed and other things of a purely subjective nature.

It is a small thing, but something we liked right from the start is how clicking on the Sports tab from the main page had all the sports listed in alphabetical order. We appreciate the organisation. We also enjoyed seeing how many markets were available for each sport.

We also found’s odds to be generous when we conducted our mainly unscientific survey of eight of the popular online bookmakers recently, and found them in second place amongst the traditional online bookmakers, trailing only Luxbet on an upcoming AFL match betwixt the Crows and the Lions.

Our only claim to objectivity here was that we did check the odds on offer at the same time. Their margins are above the average, but not so much as to cause distress for any other than large punters and the obsessively frugal. Whilst we are considering monetary matters, be aware that does have a dormant account fee after six months of inactivity.

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Racing Features

We racing punters who choose not to expend serious effort in making a selection also liked the recent addition of a Favourite versus Field bet.

Another racing feature we found appealing was the Pick Your Own Odds bet, offering the ability to increase a dividend for picking a winner by picking that winner’s margin of victory. As a way of luring racing punters away from the TABs, the Best of the Best bet offers dividends guaranteed to be the better of all three TABs or Top Fluc, whichever is superior.

They also have a couple of racing features prominently displayed that pays out in the event of a win bet that is changed as the result of an upheld protest, so both the original winner and the new winner will supply the dividend. The other feature pays quickly upon the winning post, but only for Australian racing. Admittedly, these two are mildly gimmicky, but if they should ever prove of benefit to you, our opinion would not carry much weight.

Those of you who plan for the future will enjoy Fixed Price and the ability to put a wager on before odds shorten closer to the race. 

Bookmaker Promotions

All the other bet types you would expect from a competent bookmaker are available as well. runs frequent promotions as a way of encouraging clients to log on regularly. has greatly expanded its sports offerings since its inception. These days, they offer enough markets to claim to be competitive with any of the other bookmakers. A recent visit to the site revealed over 1,700 AFL markets, almost 20 thousand soccer markets and close to 700 rugby markets. MLB and NFL are offered, so those of you who follow U.S. sports will have an outlet if, for example, you wanted to have a wager on NFL preseason games, or have a bet on which team will win the Super Bowl.

On the downside, does not offer a form guide that we could discover, leading us to think that they cater to the more experienced punter. There are not quite as many funding options as some of the other bookmakers offer, but there are more than enough for anyone with a modicum of initiative. They do offer a branded credit card that makes dividends immediately available.

They have done a nice job with their mobile wagering applications, which we reviewed separately. All in all, we had no issues with any of the wagering platforms and did not find anything bizarre in terms of establishing an account, funding that account, and then using that account. We truly liked the Quickbet feature that enables skipping the bet slip and wager a predetermined default amount with just three mouse clicks.

There are plenty of in-play opportunities and their Next To Jump features are equivalent to any of the others. may be best suited to the more active punter, due to the dormant account fees, but there is a more than adequate window of time of six months before this arises, so provided you have a couple of punts a year, there is nothing about which to worry. The agency has continued to progress and develop, so having an account and checking in from time to time might be the best strategy for utilising this bookmaker.