Betrally New Zealand

The Australian licensed bookmakers face a serious disadvantage compared to their international counterparts, mainly due to their compliance with the Internet Gaming Act (IGA) of 2008, which prohibits online wagering on in-play events. Join Betrally

Punters on an individual basis face no legal sanctions for in-play wagering on live markets, but for a domestic agency licensed in any of the Australian states and territories, stiff fines and even the loss of licenses are very real potentials.

International bookmaker compliance with the IGA is supposed to be present, but it is not. They offer online punting for in-play markets either from a lack of awareness, or more likely, the knowledge that the law lacks the resources to chase offenders.

Australian licensed bookmakers’ handicap is that they are not able to accommodate an ever-growing market of punters who want to use their mobile devices for wagering in the same way they do for all the other applications that have shifted since smart internet connected mobile devices first appeared in 2007.

One of the international agencies that fills the void in online wagering of in-play markets is called Betrally.

This review is intended to provide information on the Betrally operation and is based on the Betrally website and details supplied by other sources we have found to be reliable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betrally Summarised

We can do this very briefly before moving into some of the finer points.


  • Online wagering for in-play markets without the necessity of making a phone call to the bookmaker to place wagers.


  • Higher margins

  • Higher, much higher, turnover on deposits and bonuses

  • No racing of any kind, well except cycling and motor. No thoroughbreds, no trotters, no dogs.

Betrally History

Betrally is new, having just launched in 2013. They are based in Curacao in the Caribbean Sea and have successfully navigated the start-up period to prove viable. They share many similarities with UK based, Malta licensed 10Bet, since the technology behind the two is the same. We have yet to understand why these two internationals, and others, do not support the main racing codes, unless they feel as though casino games is an adequate substitute, but they are missing a major market in Europe and in Australia, something profit-motivated entities are loathe to do, but the answer to that is a problem for our future when there is more time to ponder this and other mysteries of the universe.

Betrally Wagering Platforms

Betrally uses our preferred three-column system on its primary website. We began our most recent visit by typing into a Firefox browser. Using a 20Gb internet connection, we were within seconds taken to the main landing page, which is a dark blue background with white text on the three columns, all sitting on top of a green background that looked like a simulated grass playing field.

Across the top of this page were tabs for Sports, Live Betting, Virtuals, Casino, Games, Live Casino and Mobile. We appreciated how these tabs changed from grey with blue text to the same blue as found lower whenever we hovered our cursor over them.

We immediately selected Live Betting. Mid-morning AEDT, we found one cricket market, three ice hockey markets, and one volleyball market for in-play offerings. Betrally also let us know at a glance that there were about 50 live markets soon to be available. The Live Betting page auto-refreshed several time in the short period we spent on it.

Back on the home page, under the Sports tab, we found a four-graphic slideshow, something which we have lamented finding on many bookmaker sites. Since live betting is the main reason for considering Betrally, we liked that the site showed such details as time remaining for soccer games and other in-play markets.

Odds kept auto-refreshing on this screen, which some may consider a good thing compared to needing to constantly use the browser’s refresh button to stay on top of odds changes, but we often saw markets we were interested in adding to the bet slip disappear before we could select them. When those markets came around again, we were ready, added them to the bet slip, along with a stake, and were immediately informed of the potential total return.

All in all, there is nothing to really dislike about the Betrally website wagering platform and anyone with memberships with any of the domestic bookmakers will be able to navigate instantly. We found the centre-column checkboxes that were used to select from various leagues available to be quite handy. The checkboxes make it easy to view odds for more than one league at once, but also eliminated the need to scroll through odds for unwanted leagues.

Betrally Mobile

Clicking the Mobile tab at the top of the home page takes you to a page where a scan-able QR code provides access to Betrally’s mobile platform. It works on any device, regardless of operating system, since it is a mobile version of the main website.

This is our favourite way to conduct mobile wagering, in-play or otherwise. We downloaded and installed the mobile platform in under three minutes.

We are decidedly enthusiastic about the Betrally mobile platform. It has been our favourite to date after looking at around 20 others, to the extent that we would actually prefer the mobile to the desktop platform.

Betrally Financial Details

We found seven deposit methods, all granting instant access with the exception of bank transfers, which took two to three working days. Betrally accepts Visa and MasterCard, Skrill Moneybookers, Neteller, ecoPayz, Webmoney and the Paysafecard.

There were six withdrawal methods, all of the above with the exception of Paysafecard.

Both deposit and withdrawal minimums were modest, never more than 20 euro.

The same can be said for minimum wagers, which would be $1.00 for sports wagers and 10 cents for live wagers. Maximum winnings are limited to 50,000 euro per day, or the equivalent in Aussie dollars at the time. Betrally does not offer credit betting and does not charge dormant account fees.

Betrally is considerably higher in terms of margin, mostly as the result of comparing to domestic bookmakers that are far more competitive on unique Aussie sports. They are very competitive in terms of international sports. Where odds are concerned, our random sampling did not find any egregious discrepancies betwixt Betrally and the domestic agencies we sampled. We ourselves find odds shopping one of the primary appeals of wagering and we always encourage everyone to do the same.

Betrally Review


The case for Betrally on the positive side of the ledger is quite simple. Anyone who wants to make in-play wagers online will find a good partner in this agency. Promotions are in line with industry paradigms.

On the negative side of the books, the 3x turnover on deposited funds might be too bitter a pill for many.