Privacy matters

Keeping confidential the Confidential


We share a common intention

The Refresh service is appropriate for Non-Confidential waste only. Partners who use the service are responsible for ensuring their staff know what is confidential and what is not. We will never know what matters to your business and what does not. Our job is to work with you and your staff, so that keeping confidential the confidential, becomes second nature for everyone in your organisation.

We can advise on how to deal with confidential waste and arrange formal training in Privacy & Confidentiality for your staff. Please contact us to discuss your options.

Certain information is protected by Privacy laws. Every business has a legal obligation to deal with its own information in compliance with these privacy requirements and only you can know what fits this category in the context of your organisation. We can help people work out where the line is drawn and in our experience, the privacy laws are actually better understood once the Refresh service is in place.

With care and conscious decision making, the Refresh service can generate deeply positive and empowering experiences for workplaces. We believe that empowering individuals with information and nurturing the gaining of insights on Privacy and Confidentiality, leads to optimal outcomes.


Some questions asked by clients and answers we give


How are the Boxes of Paper managed once picked up by Lovenotes?

Lovenotes collects your paper and delivers it to the factory for sorting, on the same day. Paper is sorted in a formally structured and secure environment, by people who are formally trained to handle paper and information. Even though we expect only to receive non confidential paper, our Paper Sorters have signed agreements stating their intent of treating all paper as confidential — and the sorting process is designed to minimize opportunities for any proactive reading. Production takes place over the following days, and finished products are dispatched the following week.

The entire process including pickup and delivery is managed by our own team.


Who decides what is confidential?

What is confidential varies for every organisation. That is why our clients need to be responsible for determining what should and should not be Refreshed. This should not make you fearful of using the service though. In our experience using the service makes the staff of clients more conscious of what is confidential than they were before the service began. This is good for everyone.

When signing up for the Refresh service, we can chat through with you what is in and what is out and help you communicate it to your staff.


How can we be sure that our information isn’t being passed onto strangers?

When starting the Refresh relationship with you we all sign an agreement. This includes the following obligations imposed on Lovenotes:

* Delivering back the range of products you ordered, made from your own Refresh paper;
* Dealing with your paper in a secure environment handled only by people who have signed a confidentiality agreement with us;-
* Returning all un-useable paper to you;-
* Not sending your paper to anyone else.


Writing and information is very visible in the notebooks, what if I don’t want my documents being readable?

The more we cut paper down, the less readable it is. Therefore which products you choose will impact the readability of your paper.

If your document is sensitive, it is not appropriate for Refreshing. We advise you to securely destroy it.


Our business was thinking of sending our Lovenotes out as gifts, would that be a breach of confidentiality?

Lovenotes make great gifts. We think the best option is to have a LoveGifts Box into which paper is placed that is particularly suitable for a public audience. We think it is possible that more of your old or current sales and marketing brochures or product info sheets could be read by customers just through the process of turning them into Lovenotes.


Our business produces a lot of paperwork that is highly confidential, what can Lovenotes do with that?

We can advise on appropriate services, and support your organisation to deal with all waste paper effectively through training, workshops, collateral, etc.

Return To Sender is a pilot service we are running in Auckland, for all the “rest” of your paper waste that can’t be Refreshed. It is securely collected and managed, and regenerated back into the land here in Aotearoa. An awesome alternative to usual destruction services that include shipping it offshore, sending it to landfill, and incineration.

Please contact us to discuss this option for your workplace.