The Lovenotes Service

Lovenotes is a service that gives your one-sided waste paper a new lease of life by refreshing it into Remarkable Stationery for you to use and enjoy.


How it works


1. Signup here so we can get you started with everything you need. Signup is $200 + GST, and your welcome pack includes collection boxes, sample Lovenotes, a voucher for your first service and support to onboard your team

2. Collect up your one-sided waste paper using our Collection Boxes

3. When your box is full, book your pick up and order from our range of Lovenotes products

Your paper is then refreshed into Remarkable Stationery and delivered back to you the following week


How many products does a box make?

One box generates a mix of around 40-80 products depending on which ones you choose, as different sized products use different amounts of paper.



How much does it cost?


We have two payment options to suit your needs -

Pay As You Go

Ideal for small to medium workplaces, Lovenotes Pay As You Go provides you with the flexibility of refreshing your paper into Lovenotes at a pace that suits you. Your welcome pack includes collection boxes for your team, sample Lovenotes, and 1 x Lovenotes Service voucher (one box) for your first Lovenotes experience.

One-off Signup & Welcome Pack          $200.00 + GST

Price Per Box                                        $150.00 + GST



If you are a large company, we can create an ongoing relationship that is best suited to the volume of paper you use. Together we will design your package in alignment with your existing office flow and waste systems, and provide everything you need to get started.


Service Details

Lovenotes Collection Boxes will be provided by Lovenotes (each holds approximately 2000 A4 leaves)
All paper must be non-confidential and one-sided
You can mix and match your favourite products from our seasonal collection of Lovenotes Products, with Tailoring available at additional cost. Purchase premium New Zealand made Accessories for longevity and taste

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