Spring Summer 2013

A playful take on concepts of spaciousness and space, this season’s collection embodies calm and quirk with contrasting raw, metallic and bright FSC certified and recycled stocks.


The collection was designed inhouse, lead by founder Amanda Judd. The starting point for the collection came from this original photograph by Reza Fuard and Craig Neilson, and the exploration of feeling space in the bustle of everyday society. Calming effects of spaciousness eluded to simplicity and life in the design: Observing shadows. Slow movements that carry through time. Shimmery metallic materials of space junk. Lightness of floating objects. Bold colour amidst still infinite blank space.

The trio of prints are made from recycled and FSC Certified stocks, and embossed with traditional letterpress printing only — without ink. Along with your own waste paper, these prints Refreshed into your favourite Lovenotes this season, and delivered back to your door the following week.