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Refresh your waste paper into Lovenotes


Lovenotes — Our signature service

Refresh your one-sided waste paper into remarkable stationery products, valuable and useful, delivered directly back to your classroom for another life. The Lovenotes service generates empowerment and a fabulously positive sustainability experience with you and your students, serving as a powerful platform to learn more about how we can regenerate the world. Classes collect their one-sided + non-confidential waste paper, becoming actively involved in the process of reducing waste to landfill and consumption of energy. We then refresh it into Lovenotes products, and deliver them back to your door.

The Lovenotes service includes everything you need to make it happen — Collection Boxes, Pickup, Production, and Delivery of your Lovenotes back.

If you are an Enviroschool, Lovenotes is a platform for your school community to be more sustainable and counts towards your next Enviroschools grading.

       Price per Box                          $150.00 + GST

More information about Lovenotes Pay-As-You-Go and terms.


Design Your Own Lovenotes Workshop

Let’s get together, your class and Lovenotes. We’ll combine the concepts of design and waste, and super-boost your school’s Lovenotes service! In a few hours of fresh, challenging conversations and inspired, hands-on creativity, students design and make covers for their own Lovenotes products, becoming part of the production process.

We then refresh the waste paper you’ve collected in the classroom along with your students’ designs into Lovenotes, and deliver them back the following week. A great option for the end of the year so students can create personal and awesome gifts to share.

We enjoy facilitating enquiry around concepts such as Cradle to Cradle and Product Stewardship to push boundaries of design thinking, and stimulate the gaining of insights around the importance of design and materials. Each workshop is uniquely shaped to flow and synergise with the needs and age of your class and curriculum.



Primary Schools

We introduce students to the design process stimulating thinking all about where stuff and materials come from and where they go. They spend an empowering and fun, artsy-fartsy session creating their own ingenious designs for the covers of their own Lovenotes notebooks. We take their work back to the factory, and with the waste paper they’ve collected, refresh them into Lovenotes. We deliver each student back their own personal Lovenotes for keeps the following week.


Intermediate Schools

We tool students up with a fresh design process that embraces the full story. Sharing an inquisitive discussion about materials that we use, where they come from and what happens to them afterwards, students start to think critically about how design impacts the world around them. We also introduce and facilitate inquiry on the concept of social enterprise. In a thoughtful, hands-on session, students design and create their own notebook covers which we refresh into Lovenotes together with the waste paper you’ve collected, and deliver them back to you the following week.


High Schools

We enjoy facilitating a challenging discussion with students about social enterprise and ethical business, design and production, or both. Introducing and exploring critical concepts such as cradle-to-cradle, product-stewardship, the quadruple bottom line, and sharing our own story of how we came to be, we integrate the Lovenotes experience into this learning space uniquely for each class, and in alignment with the subject to which it meets. Each student receives Refreshed stationary from their own waste paper to keep and use, delivered back the following week.



Invite your staff to join us for a First Date at your place, or over at our factory! You’ll leave this date understanding privacy and confidentiality to the max, empowered, with new thinking and ideas on how to regenerate your school and the world. We’ll share our story of why we are a social enterprise and how we came to be. We’ll Paper Jam together — we’ll use the simple and enjoyable task of sorting your own waste paper as a powerful platform for challenging discussion and collaborative exploration of sustainability. Solutions will be explored, and fresh thinking will be generated.


Pricing + Making it Happen


       Stacking Workshops and Refreshing together starts from     $968.00 + GST

Contact us to discuss your options. We want to work with you to find a solution that is accessible and supportive for you, your class, and your school — financially, and with regards to curriculum and waste education needs.