Paper Jammin’



Lovenotes rocks a Paper Jam each and every week of the year we’re open, bringing some of the Social into our enterprise.

Every sheet of paper that comes through our Refresh service is sorted — ensuring it’s ready for manufacturing without staples, up the correct way, and it’s flat and together with the rest.



We could do this by paying people minimum wage for a shoddy job that’s, let’s be honest, pretty boring. So we re-designed the way this kind of work rolls out, with lots of crew Jamming together at their own pace, with damn fine conversation, and heaps of snatch, drinks, cups of tea, and droppin a beat.

Recently our great friends at the local Takapuna Rotary Club peered up with us for a swap of experiences. We hit their regular members meeting, they hit our Paper Jam. And it was a total hit both ways.

See the photos here.