Dear Lovenotes lovers,

Our time has come
To say au revoir
From a decade of waste
Of love
Of jammin'
Of production fun

Bravo to our fellow crazy ones
Bravo to the guardians
Bravo to the paper collectors
And the fans and partners who got stuck in

The aroha flows
The +10 never ends
And what has manifested simply
Bends to lend itself, transcends
Into that next friend
Some crazy business idea that you know'll be plus ten

See you then.


Parting thoughts...

For the past decade we’ve had the pleasure of serving you through the most wonderful, crazy experiment in regenerative business -- Lovenotes. Today I confirm that we have closed.

When I founded this thing, my goal was to create a +10 experience in all it's dimensions; from the ownership model, to the governance, the customer experience and offering, production experience, materials used, delivery et al.

We've had a blast! And we know that many of you have enjoyed the journey too. I'm proud to say that I think we achieved something AWESOME, and we did it TOGETHER!

We re-designed new models for existing as we went, using a regenerative approach that you could today call design thinking. Here are some of the experiences and models we reinvented and have run for the past decade:

  • The Lovenotes Service
  • Paper Jamming
  • Peaceful Production (The Sweet Shop)
  • The Guardians
  • The One Million Milestone game
  • SeedPaper
  • The Lovenotes Exchange
  • Paying Living Wage++
  • And now… A (hopefully) +10 completion

As the current manifestation of the Lovenotes kaupapa is coming to a close, our exploration of regenerative +10 business includes the ending of a cycle of life - in this sense, the experiment continues! This is, and will be however, the last chapter in this form. I've often thought that Lovenotes was like an education for myself, and many of the team who've been involved speak similarly; I guess you could say this is our last class before graduation.

Our manifesto, operating blueprints, brand artefacts and production assets will be placed into a time capsule for the next brave regenerator who takes the baton and creates version two. If you feel that call, make it be known to us.

Whether you have been our partner, supplier, peaceful producer, paper jammer, collaborator or even just our lover; we are so grateful to have collided with you! Multiply it by infinity, take it to the depth of forever, and you will still have barely a glimpse of what I'm talking about. Keep in touch, and thank you so much for allowing us to serve you.

On behalf of Jennie, Rosa, Reggie, Amy, Greg, and all of the Lovenotes family,

Signing off, 17 November 2019,

Manda Judd.