Our Fans

Be. Accessible

“Lovenotes are the perfect compliment to the world of Be. Accessible. I use lots of paper because I need to print things off really big and I used to feel bad about all the trees I was using up with my large 60 point font… now I know that the paper will just get flipped over and turned into beautiful note pads that I can use every day as we go about the creation of a fully accessible world!”

– Minnie Baragwanath, CEO




“Because Lovenotes is so simple, and you get a huge reward of amazing stationery back, it’s become second nature to our organisation — part of the everyday workflow.”

– Kerry Barnett, Operations Manager



Auckland Zoo — Discovery & Learning

“Discovery and Learning at Auckland Zoo love Lovenotes. While we re-use all of our paper onsite already, Lovenotes gives us an extra step in the re-use cycle, which is exciting for us.”

– Monique Zwaan, Manager

21 Nov 022