Lovenotes Fundraiser

We love the great work that clubs and organisations do in our world, and we hope this option makes it even more delightful to get your favourite notebooks into the hands of your club members, friends, and supporters.


The Deal

You agree to Refresh 2 x Boxes of waste paper which we will turn into 160 beautiful notebooks that you then Sell at the retail price of $10 each.


The Figures

You buy 160 products   @   $6 each                           $  960*

You sell 160 products   @  $10 each                          $1,600

Earnings to your Club (40% profit)                          $   640



Inspector Love notebooks (pictured above) with a Digitally Printed Full Colour Cover, and premium Wire Coil Binding. This ever popular notebook dressed up with your design will be carried proudly all over town.

*Includes design & art services — Together we’ll design the perfect Lovenotes product for you.


Make it Happen

Contact our team to arrange your Lovenotes Fundraiser.