Autumn Winter 2014

The inspiration that fuelled this season’s Collection starts with a video made for TEDxSummit; fusing dance, kaleidoscope, camera, and a balloon.



Designed inhouse and lead by Amanda Judd, the covers this season represent the childlike magic and wonder of the Kaleidoscope. The word is derived from the Ancient Greek kalos, “beautiful, beauty”, eidos, “that which is seen: form, shape”, and skopeō, “to look to, to examine”, hence “observation of beautiful forms”.

Graceful yet powerful movement of “the beautiful”, and in particular of the body is something Amanda is exploring here, and she’s intrigued by subtlty. Her own past as an elite athlete in rhythmic gymnastics has recently rekindled what she calls an absolute obsession; of knowing, feeling and experiencing movement in the body to the nth degree. She uses the example of knowing and being in connection with even the tiniest finger muscle out there by the tip of the nail, and follows by asking “can you feel it?”.

We hope that with a Lovenotes notebook this season, you will carry around a reminder of observing the beautiful, moving, evolving forms — and even the most subtle.

DSC_9189 copy 2


When you refresh with the Lovenotes service this season, your notebook covers will be part of the moving kaleidoscopic collection as it evolves over time — the prints, colours, stocks, and binding will change and shift in small ways throughout the season, creating a myriad of different styles and patterns to enjoy, so you never know what you may end up with.

DSC_9134 copy 2


The kaleidoscope of prints are on a collection of recycled and FSC certified stocks, including the feature transparent flyleaf stock. Printed with vege inks via. the robust and raw offset printing machine, which along with your own waste paper are refreshed into Lovenotes, and delivered back to your door the following week.