Autumn Winter 2013

DSC_9164 copy


Ruby Watson
Refresh your waste paper this season and your Lovenotes will feature prints from local artist Ruby Watson.

Ruby’s work is inspired by the things she loves, architecture, anatomy and nature. When she is not at work contracting to a gallery or museum or designing you will find her building a cabin, with ink up to her eyeballs or enjoying a hike, a bike or a feed!

Ruby uses indian ink and dip pen on archival watercolour paper for her original works.

The trio of prints are on recycled and FSC Certified stocks, printed with vegetable based inks, and along with your own waste paper are Refreshed into Lovenotes delivered back to your door the following week.




The architectural piece harks from my own background as an architectural designer. It touches on the notion of the DIY, a typically New Zealand approach to construction. Add a bit here, tack on a chunk there. It doesn’t comply to any drawing or construction standards. Rather, it delves into the impossible, creating imaginary spaces to inhabit.



Inspired by the diverse landscape of New Zealand the lines of this work evoke memories of familiar lakes, mountains, rivers, sand dunes, beaches, islands and valleys. We look from inside to out, to a view broken by frames.



This introspective world of fantastical flowers captures the feeling of freedom from lying in a field in the summer. The flowers and insects become all that is left in the world as you stare at the sky.