The Crew

Reggie Fox


Reggie is excited about growing Lovenotes throughout NZ and into new markets. He first joined the team in 2012 as VP of Sales, having gained experience working with Mainland Products and Johnson&Johnson. As CEO, Reggie plays a central role in the direction of the company and in developing the best team to achieve it. He holds a BMS from Waikato and is a bit obsessed with chess.

Amanda Judd

Director & Customer Experience

Kicking it all off in 2008, Manda has been key in creating everything we know as Lovenotes. Her experience working with community organisations and businesses led to her bringing about an enterprise and lifestyle that encompassed the best of both worlds. From an “idea” that just somehow happened, to the social enterprise we know today, Manda’s consistency has been questioning why — ensuring our communities, planet, people, and bank account, are equally at heart. Spot her also travelling the world and getting amongst it’s people.

Jennie Vickers

Director, Chair of the Board, & Legal Eagle

Jennie is our energetic legal eagle! She runs ZeopardLaw as well as being IACCM.Com Director for Australia and New Zealand. She loves working closely alongside creative + fun people so she can spot opportunities for them. We love working with Jennie because she has the business and legal knowledge and experience we need as we grow into a generator of prosperity for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Amy Snape

Peaceful Production Manager

Production is the bloodline of Lovenotes and Amy is at the heart of what we do. She is in charge of our monthly production cycle and ensures our team of elves are happy at work and that all of our notebooks meet the highest Lovenotes standard. Her attention to detail comes from her passion for craft, food, and prop making and it also helps that she just so happens to love stationery as well.

Rosa Kim

Communication Specialist

Rosa has been part of the Lovenotes team since 2008 and is our Communications Specialist. She delivers press releases, creates media content, and is in charge of the Lovenotes blog. She holds a BA from Victoria University as well as a Diploma in Communications from the NZ Speech Board. For Rosa, Lovenotes is not just about the product, but the culture behind it — How it is made, Who it is made by, What it is made of – and endeavours to communicate that through her writing. Her creative flair and diverse passions, ranging from pottery to yoga, means that she has many hats and can often be found making things in the factory too!

Gregory David Judd

Creative & Production Specialist

Greg has been part of the Lovenotes team since the beginning. His dedication to craftsmanship has served us as we pursue excellence in the finest standards of making. Whether that’s crafting our handmade Lovenotes & SeedCards, or creating beautifully custom made displays, Greg gives us the confidence to dream big and achieve more. He also loves to carve up the waves on his surfboard whenever he can.