Lovenotes creates brilliant stationery for you, from your own waste paper. Our signature service Refresh assists your organisation with waste minimisation, stationery solutions, social responsibility, and more. In addition to Refresh, our emerging add-on services and projects are bringing more depth to the Lovenotes experience, and mean that however you choose to approach Lovenotes and our services, we can assist your regenerative journey in the way that suits you best.


The Beginning

Like all good things that come to life, Lovenotes began with a simple idea – reusing paper. Amanda Judd, founder of Lovenotes began this initiative by encouraging the re-use of one-sided paper in her old office space. Beginning with a couple of trays placed on desks; Amanda encouraged fellow colleagues to collect the spare one-sided paper. With the idea rapidly catching on amongst the team it was no surprise that she soon had a cupboard full of boxes calling to be used.

Manda took these boxes home, turned it into some stationery at her Dad’s print factory and just like that, Lovenotes was born! Today Lovenotes has grown into an independent social enterprise that brings with it a new and dynamic way of refreshing, reusing and recycling.


About Our Social Enterprise

Through a fusion of old and new, Lovenotes brings a fresh perspective in its service, product and philosophy.

The service & product concept is simple: one-sided paper that we often neglect to re-use is given new life in the form of being Refreshed into stationery. In its philosophy, Lovenotes is all about inviting people to step aboard a new way of working; soak up their surroundings and enjoy the work that they do. The focus is on the collective impact; not just individual return.

Despite the age of electronics; paper is still widely used. Not everyone can plant a tree for all the paper they consume, however everyone can refresh and re-use. Lovenotes’ Refresh service assists you to collect any excess paper you have lying around your home or office. The boxes for collection are provided by the Lovenotes crew, so all you really need is some space to keep it. Once your boxes are full, Amanda and the team swing by and take them away to the factory where all the loose paper is transformed into stationery products made to your liking.

With the traditional concept of recycling becoming increasingly automated, people have become detached from the process. One can no longer feel accountable for his or her actions, or see the difference they are making. Lovenotes changes this. It takes things back to basics and ensures that everyone not only plays their part for the environment, but also has the opportunity to feel involved through using their Refreshed Lovenotes products.

It is quick, easy and convenient and helps you save significant amounts on those office stationery bills. Lovenotes really is a great way to be environmentally savvy whilst getting value for your money.

Lovenotes is doing its bit for environmental harmony, social justice, and people’s happiness and well-being. So jump on board, find out more and become part of the Lovenotes experience.