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[Play your favourite song here. Then read...]

We sit at desks all day.
Watch screens.
Engaged brain – check.
Tweet tweet, lovely new idea blogged over there.
Thinking thinking thinking.
New strategies.
Brain waves.
A gazillion tabs open.
Reading, loving, learning
Time melts like an ice block in the dessert – where does it go?
Lost in space.
Spinning ball.

It’s the best, isn’t it?

What are your toes up to while you’re doing this?
You have no idea.
And that core that engages and stands you tall? The part of your stomach that owns your spirit of powerhouse? Where’s it at?
It isn’t, that’s what.
Can you feel your posture and it’s ouchy slouchly grossness?

Stand up!
And hurry up!
Movement is missing!
Play the music!
Engage your muscles;
The little tiny baby finger on your left hand — point it to the limitless sky! Higher! Taller!
The back muscles that want to expand — bend, flex, swerve.
The beat. Beat it. Bada-bing bada-boom. Beat beat beat. MJ already told you how.
Feel the music.
Surrender up high;
Ground into the flats of your feet.

Don’t stop dancing.
Never stop the dance of life!
Don’t let life run you into your head.
Take charge.
Own your body.
Get out of the device.
Get away from your brain.
Engaged low — way low –
Grounding down, Expanding wide.
Push and pull.
Feeling every inch, every cell in your body from the whisper of a hair to the wiggle of a toe.
Take it to the depth of forever.

Be that god damn glorious body.

Add it unapologetically to that outrageously awesome pixel world you live in.

Its not a trade; it’s Both, And.

Relish your existence in all it’s ways.


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