a new view

Posted on by Manda Judd


…of beautiful Auckland from the magnificent new HQ of Lovenotes with all day sun & city views. The recent sunsets of fabulous colour have been blissful & beautiful, and the view of our city from a new perspective is refreshing. I find sunsets incredibly inspiring, when I’m lucky and she treats me with my fave colours — striking highlighter pink and orange amongst blue sky and clouds. And when it elongates through time, painting a gorgeous picture through the skies into the evening with grey-blue sky tainted with the remains of orange sunset. . . Mmmm, spoilt by nature.

Here’s some beauties from some of the most fabulous places I’ve visited in the world. Figure out where?

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44 Responses to a new view

  1. Kate says:

    LOVE the picture of Parc Guell–what incredible light! I took a similar one when I was in Barcelona but unfortunately someone was hanging their arm over the benches…every time I see it I’m a little disappointed.

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