Coldness and creativity

Posted on by Manda Judd

I headed south to Dunedin for meetings, friends, and was hoping for a little Lovenotes’ing too… The snow storm was epic! Well, as an Aucklander I must say I rather enjoyed it, albeit any Lovenotes’ing got crossed off the list which was unfortunate, but perhaps I wouldn’t have traded it anyway? It was the being stuck inside with nothing to do all day that really got the fire burning! I took re-using paper to an entirely new level when I found myself making homemade confetti. Far out, you just could not find any confetti with more love in it than this. Mandi’s Confetti. The bar has been raised, confetti industry!

I chose colours especially for my Cocoa Pop, Reza; chocolate brown, apple green, lollipop pink, raspberry red, and pure paper white (no colouring involved with that one – strategical move). I sat there with endless cups of tea, Whittaker’s macadamia milk choco, colouring pens and small paper scraps, colouring away for a few hours until I had enough to call it confetti. The paper was from the edges of my Thoughter notebook, when I ripped pages out of it and the binding munches the edge of the paper, little bits fall off.

Dunedin, I enjoyed it all, especially the creativity that nicely flowed out of me in the form of confetti, but also letters and notes, designs for our next collection, and doodles of beauty.

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