Emerging to: The Big Adventure!

Posted on by Manda Judd

As I walked out of the important meeting this morning, knowing that it was actually the last ever meeting I was going to have to attend…             For a moment everything stopped.               And then it kicked in! — The world around started to come to life, and I must be honest, I got kinda out of control! In a good way of course! I found myself excitedly impatient, needing to get home immediately, with this re-kindled energy, with life, with fabulosity, with a need to please tell you (blog readers whoever you are!) how incredibly liberated I am feeling! And how ready I am to take a great, big adventure!

I founded LOVEnotes three years and three months ago. It’s been a journey since then of figuring out who we are, what we do, how we do it, and how we do it in the BEST possible way – to be contributors to creating the AWESOMEST Grand Mother Earth that we can. That’s for the Earth herself, and the animals too. But also for us, our communities, and our people, the very people we have an interaction with on a daily basis, right through to those who we may never see, hear, or know, but because some how, just some how, we are connected to them, LOVEnotes is for you guys too (shout out to yo’ll! Whoooop!) Possibly through a supply chain. Or maybe through the good old two degrees that Facebook seems to let us find ourselves a part of so ever more often. But also it was about creating the awesomest time and experiences here for me, Amanda Mary Judd. It was about creating a job that is not a job (If I may!) It’s living! It’s being! It’s life! It’s the very exciting thing that makes me jump out of bed each day! The LOVEnotes agenda was to create a more fabulous world for every single piece of life that be’s on this planet.

What have we done over three years? I have become we. Four of us in fact :) Alice, Greg, Rosa, and I. We’ve Supercycled more than 110,000 peices of paper through our service LOVEnotes Supercyling, which is the equivalent of a modest number of trees, but of which we are very proud that we have effectively stopped from being chopped down. A small dent in the global picture, but hey!… You know what they say about small groups of committed people changing the world huh. Yea you know it. We’ve registered as a Limited Liability Company (charity, company, charity, company, company, company. In the end it was actually quite easy to make that call). We’ve engaged with eight fabulous companies and organisations to provide our service. We’ve bartered the most fabulous Supercycled notepads to the three awesomest cafe’s on the North Shore through The LOVEnotes Exchange, providing them with all the paper they need to scribble orders, send love notes to each other, do their thang. (They are by the way: Bungalo Cafe in Birkenhead, Hinemoa Street Organic Cafe in Birkenhead, and Jam Organic Cafe in Takapuna. Get there! Nom nom). We have created a brand and online presence. We have sponsored the local Pupuke Rotaract Club‘s Lipsync Event where they raised $7,000 for Surf Lifesaving Mairangi Bay! We donated 500 Inspector Love notebooks to TEDxAuckland in 2009.We’ve helped out the North Shore Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships, a cute little school down in Thames, and ReGeneration with Supercycled stationery… And the coolest part is that all that giving pays back. ReGeneration have helped us out too! Our little LOVEnotes van Billy is thanks to the support of amazing people at ReGeneration.

You know what we’ve done, we’ve emerged.

There was no plan. No strategy. We made it up as we went along. We’ve emerged. And here we are :)

We are here in Auckland, Aotearoa, still emerging, still unfolding, with four amazing individuals who love what they get to create, a lineup of fans and supporters who love to help us out too! And one me who has, for the record (and really, this news is for the purpose of this blog!) just quit her other job. That’s right. I’ve quit my day job. And I just this morning walked out of the very last board meeting for that job, that I will ever have to attend. (I will happily admit that I emphisise the word ever, because it’s all likely that within one year there I will be at that board table again, perhaps not as an employee, but quite possibly as a trustees, as I have the Manda Disorder in which I find myself, Manda, not really being able to ever stop helping out — there’s just sooooo many opportunities to make the world a more magnificent place!) But here I am, about to start a great big adventure, a brilliant journey of taking LOVEnotes to where she wants to go! And what I’m finding myself saying for it, is, that there’s actually not a great grand plan (yet ;) but there’s a whole lot of energy, of hope, of vision, and of course… There’s always gonna be a whole lotta love! (Crowd goes oooaaahhhhhhhhh!)

The journey started three years ago, and here we are. Here I am. And here we are going, with you following our story via. this blog, and all of everything we have to make this baby into a massive hit! It’s not a “business”, and it’s not a “charity”, it’s a something else… So watch this space and see it all continue to come to life. The adventure begins… Now

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