Fabulous people, fabulous kai, fabulous moments!

Posted on by Manda Judd

Arriving back from the Fairtrade Fortnight‘s Breakfast in the city, I’m a-buzz. I love it. The people were incredible, these are the most intelligent, wise and creative people I come across. The food. Wow. Kokako, I’ll admit that I actually just come for your spread, of beautiful, fresh, organic, local breakfast snacks, soy chai lattes, coffee and more. DJ Morning Steppa, thanks for the musical vibes which so inconspicuously buzzed me into the day… So gracefully I didn’t even notice it happen. And if you ain’t come across this baby yet, go anywhere in town that you to find it! – The Amazing Travelling Photo Booth!

People galore I bumped into the awesome crew at SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise), the fabulous Betsy, Sarah & Rachel of SBN, John Stansfield who rocks out the epic campaigns for Oxfam, beautiful Clinty Minty from Rainbow Youth, my favorite cycle chic inspiration and role model Pippa Coom, and so many more of you. Inspiring conversations, emerging thoughts and ideas, new connections,  regenerating private sector and communities across Auckland, and even the fabulous Jacinda Ardern opted herself to speak at an upcoming event I’m running, on regenerating politics! Bring it all on.

The next two weeks are Fairtrade Fortnight. To me, this kaupapa spans every decision, of every chance to choose, every purchase, that we make every day. It’s not about a fortnight of doing good. It’s about a lifetime of it. It’s intelligent, it makes common sense, it makes business sense, it’s easy, and it’s actually the most awesome way to live – knowing that you’re giving life, prosperity, abundance and your humanity and love to other human beings of this world. It’s actually what you and I benefit from every single of our waking, privileged days that we get to spend in this beautiful country of Aotearoa. *Gratitude*

Rock on SBN, Kokako, Fairtrade and all of you who made a wicked event. Chur!

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